Professional Development Awards

Award recipients for Professional Development Award were presented by The David Collins Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania to Specialist Palliative Care recipients from Burnie Judith Altimira (left) and Jan Young (right) photographed at the Suicide Prevention Study Day Workshop in Burnie.

The David Collins Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania calls for applications for professional development awards in blood cancer research or treatment. Applications are open to all Tasmanian nurses, allied health professionals, research students, and Tasmanian health professionals working in day chemotherapy units.

Awards up to $1,500 will be given to assist applicants to attend an approved conference or seminar recognised by their appropriate peer organisation and directly related to the improvement of blood cancer treatment or patient support. Awards may be used to assist with conference registration and accommodation.

Preference will be given to applicants:

  • Who demonstrate that the knowledge and skills acquired will be shared with their Tasmanian colleagues and others concerned with blood cancer treatment or support
  • Who propose co-funding arrangements (e.g. part employee, part employer)
  • With a subject matter focus on patient care and/or new technical skills e.g. emerging technologies and therapies relevant to this field of haematology.

Successful applicants will be:

  • Required to provide a brief plain English written report for possible release to Tasmanian media and publication in the DCLFT Newsletter
  • Expected to accept an invitation, within a reasonable time, from DCLFT to attend a meeting of members and discuss in a relaxed environment the benefits to patients and staff arising from their Award.
  • Applications must include full costing and be accompanied by letters of support from two referees.


Please complete the attached form by directly entering the requested information. The boxes will expand, but try to limit the information to the area provided. If required, additional information can be attached separately.

Email Applications to: The Secretary –