2013 David Balon Professional Development Award Terri Kidd.


I would like to profoundly thank the David Collins Leukaemia Foundation for bestowing to me the 2013 David Balon Professional Development Award.


The 12th International Symposium on Myelodysplastic Syndromes held in Berlin Germany from May 8th /11th 2013 was a fascinating meeting. Whilst it focused mainly on the molecular aspects of the disease and its genetics which is not my field of expertise, I did gather useful information for my own professional development. It also afforded me to venture outside my comfort zone and promote the work I had undertaken during my graduate diploma via presentation of my poster. I had several groups of attendees approach me to discuss the poster, one gentleman was an adviser for the haematology analysers which we utilise in the laboratory at the Royal Hobart Hospital.


Attending the meeting has spurred me into extending the research that I have undertaken and hopefully ethics approval will be forthcoming.


Please advise me if you require any further documentation or discussion from me with regards to this meeting and the opportunity to attend.


Thank you again for selecting me for this Award. I am extremely grateful to the Balon Family and the David Collins Leukaemia Foundation for their continued support of Allied Health Professionals Development in Tasmania.




Terri Kidd

Senior Medical Scientist – Haematology

Core Laboratory Royal Hobart Hospital




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