Farzaneh Atashrazm: European Haematology Association


The congress of European Haematology Association (EHA) is one of the world’s most important scientific meetings in haematology. The 19th Congress of EHA I attended in 2014 was a very enriching and valuable experience. The congress presented many novel updates and useful information in haematology covering different themes in both clinical and biology sessions.


Two different fields which I found very interesting were:

1). Findings about pre-leukaemic stem cells (e.g. human trials showed that despite identification of             pre-leukaemic mutations within stem cells the subjects did not develop leukaemia for years.)

2). Studies about new targets an AML treatment including components which target epigenetic processes. Various new epigenetic biomarkers and molecules responsible for AML development were discussed.


This year, there was a dual poster area with traditional paper poster and e-posters. My abstract had been accepted for both traditional and e-poster sessions. I presented my abstract entitled,” Arsenic trioxide and fucoidan  synergize to induce apoptosis in acute promyelocytic leukaemia”. There were some questions which ranged from the biological mechanisms point of view to the future direction of my research.


The conference provided many scientific, educational as well as personal highlights for me. I was able to achieve my objectives as I gained valuable experiences with exposure to such a great international forum with groundbreaking research and interaction with leaders in the field of haematology research. I had a useful discussion with key researchers in AM field and made a few useful contacts along the way. More importantly, my research was published in an international standing publication and also critically reviewed by a panel of international scientists. This will provide the motivation for taking this research into the next phase and increase my confidence that the outcome of the research is heading in a positive direction.





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